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Lorzy’s Goodies

Our good friend Laura from the Scottish Borders is selling her sweets and treats by the bucket load thanks to our brochure webiste. Her online store with multiple delivery options also gives back rewards using her affiliate system. Her customers can share Lauras products with there own personalized links and earn 15% back on every sale they refer.

Check out her goodies at https://lorzysgoodies.co.uk/

Kelso Races

Our good friend over at Mcgowan Marketing asked us to link events from there ticket sales platoform into the website. So any new events posted on the ticket sales site would also show up on the website and allow customers to click a button to purchse tickets for the events, we automated a system that pulls in the events over API and saves them into our website database, the system checks for new events and expires old events every minute.

Thanks for the work Niall and we look forward to your feedback and comments

Ellan Vannin

Something we didnt know until working on the project that Ellan Vannin means the Isle Of Man….

We recently helped a friend out starting up his own taxi and tour company, he needed a taxi booking system and strip card payments.

We wrapped the website quiclky in a WordPress duvet so we could get the website online within a few hours, and by day 2 we are accepting taxi bookings.

We integrated google maps so the customer can plan a route and our software calculated the distance and time and calculates a cost for the customer to take payment (or deposit) online.

Chris the owner of ellanvannintaxis.im is now taking online bookings for tazis and tours and we look forward to his comments and feedback.