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About Our Team

Scott (myself) (Developer/Programmer) has over 20 years experience in programming and development with very little programming languages he doesnt know. His main skills are SQL, JAVASCRIPT, PHP & AJAX, ASP, .NET, VB to mention only a few. Scott’s main strenths are server building and running the perfect network as well as inventing automation systems and scripts, database and encryption services. Scott is based in Ashington Northumberland and travels to the Scottish Borders to see family and friends as well as our Scottish community members.

Niall (Graphics Designer) is our whiz kid on the photoshop application, based up in Scotland just over the forth bridge Niall has over 15 years experience in graphic design and can often be found out and about with his camera.

Chris (Marketing, Content & SEO) (the oldest of us all at 40yo) and most probably the wisest has been involved with sales and marketing since leaving school which makes him the best in his field in finding the right words and content for your projects and promoting your business or services.

Daniel (Designer) (the youngest on the firm) has built more websites than you or i have had hot dinners. From a basic brochure website to a fully automated software he can capture your brand and take your vision to the next digital level. With over 10 years under his belt.


Things we do best />

That last one just covers everything else, because sometimes projects take us outside our comfort zones and we have to learn on the job.

A small team of developers, designers and graphic artists from the Scottish Borders & North Northumberland.

Our Current Project/Application



This simple and lightweight but powerfull plugin was initialy designed to detect an older version of the Safari browser and notify the user that they should upgrade.

But as we develop and keep adding more things in such as redirecting users based on browser type and version. Notifying users tp update browsers and even block users all together if there browser is not allowed.

Current Project Progress

Progress 35%

Our Network Infastructure

Powered by a mesh of 100Gbps Ethernet connections and connected to multiple Tier 1 IP backbone providers, NED uses only the best routing and switching equipment from Cisco, Extreme Networks and Riverstone for maximum throughput. NED utilizes intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol to provide fastest, fail-safe routing. We route traffic to the fastest and closest backbone provider to achieve the best speed with the lowest latency. Along with full automatic redundancy of BGPv4, we maintain N+1 (needed + 1) network upgrade policy to ensure that we always have a spare router and/or connection available for immediate fail-over during unexpected situations. We stand by our network and service through our SLA (Service Level Agreement), so you can trust that you and your customers will receive only the best quality service from us.

Our Datacenter />

Our  main Datacenters are located outside of NYC in nearby Secaucus, NJ. Our facilities guarantee a 100% power uptime and 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Provided by InterServer